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Photographing your Original Artworks & Paintings.

Capturing accurate images of your original artworks so you can create reproductions.


As a visual artist myself I found the task of getting high quality images of my paintings and drawings extremely expensive and time consuming. You usually had to drive the artwork to and from Sydney and wait weeks for the final product. Over the years I have taught myself and purchased equipment to capture artworks ready for reproduction. I'm not saying I am a master photographer by any means, but the quality of the images that I'm producing is really impressive and I want to use this newly acquired skill to help other local visual artists.

The artwork is photographed using a 45mp camera, colour corrected and files supplied in 2 sizes. A  hi-res file for printing. (enlarged up to approx 1.8mtr) , and a small jpeg for your personal web use. Turn around is usually 1-2 business days. I am located in Horsfield Bay ( near Woy Woy) 

Artworks up to 2mtr in size can be photographed.

Artwork on stretched canvas, un-stretched canvas, boards or paper are excepted. I do not photograph works behind glass or acrylic, sculptures or people.

Contact me for a quotation or if you have any questions

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