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Pet Drawings

Embrace the cherished bond with your furry family members through exquisite original pet portraits crafted in pen by Australian artist, Naomi Veitch. Capturing the essence of your beloved animals, these unique works of art hold profound sentimental value, becoming treasured centerpieces in your home. 

The animal's personality is beautifully captured in a realistic yet artistically rendered pen drawing. These custom pet portraits are meticulously hand-drawn on high-quality paper using contemporay pen drawing techniques. The end result is a stunning piece of art that once framed can be proudly displayed on your wall. It makes for a unique and cherished gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

How to order a drawing of your pet.

Commissioning a pen drawing of your pet is a straightforward process. Please get in touch with Naomi via call or email to discuss your ideas and the desired size for your custom art piece. You can choose whether you'd like a detailed portrait of your pet's head only or the entire body.

Make sure to send your best photos of the animal to Naomi. While she will primarily use one main photograph as a reference for the pen drawing, having a variety of large, sharp, and clear photos will greatly enhance the final result. Remember, the quality of the photos directly influences the quality of the end product. So, provide the best images you have for the most impressive pen drawing of your beloved pet.

What is the process? 

  • Choose size of paper A4, A3, A2

  • Choose head only or full body 

  • Send photos to Naomi via email or Australia Post

  • Receive invoice 

  • Pay a 50% non refundable deposit

  • Naomi will create a computer-generated layout of the drawing in the size of the paper chosen 

  • Approve design

  • Your animal portrait is drawn in pen! 

  • A photo of completed drawing is sent for approval

  • Adjustments can be made if needed

  • Pay balance of invoice

  • Drawing is shipped to you 

"Oh my gosh I actually just cried. What a fantastic job you’ve done Naomi, it’s absolutely perfect and you've left me speechless. Thank you so incredibly much!" ...Tayla G

Frequently asked questions.

Do you work from photos or real life?

Naomi works from photographs

Can you use pets from different photos and combine them into one painting?

Yes, this is how it is usually done.  It is very hard to get the animals to co-operate and sit nicely together in real life. 

Especially when you are trying to get a photo of them. 

How long does a commissioned artwork take to make?  

That depends greatly on the complexity, size and current work load, commissions do take highest priority. Most commissioned pet drawings are completed in 2-4 weeks.  

Can I get the pet drawing finished quicker? 

Yes, depending on Naomi's workload at the time. The fastest she can finish a pet drawing would be one week, 

Rush orders incur an additional fee of 25% extra 


Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes, we do digital vouchers. Just email us the $ amount, Who it is for and who it is from. Vouchers can be used towards a pet painting or any other item on this site or our other site


Do I get to see the drawing before delivery?  

Yes, the artwork will be photographed and emailed for approval prior to delivery.  


How much will it cost?  

Pet drawings are available in a number of different sizes, so please view the price list for options.

When do I need to pay? 

A 50% deposit is required to start the drawing and 50% on completion. Drawings must be paid in total before they will be delivered.

How much does delivery cost? 

Naomi offers FREE DELIVERY Australia wide. 

International delivery is available, please contact Naomi for a quote.

Can I get a different size drawing than what is listed?

Yes, other sizes are available on request and some animals or their pose suit a different shape paper. 

Naomi will advise after she receives the photos of the animal. 

Do you frame the drawing?  

Framing is not included in the price however Naomi can organise framing via request.

Do I need to frame the drawing? 

Yes, they do require framing behind glass or perspex. They are drawn on standard size paper, so you could purchase a premade frame. Alternatively your local picture framer can custom frame the drawing for a professional finish.


Do I get to see the commissioned drawing before delivery? 

Yes, Naomi will first send a rough computer-generated mockup of your artwork for approval. 

Once approved Naomi will start the drawing process, towards the end she will email a photo of the finished drawing for approval and any minor adjustment can be made. 

How is the drawing sent? 

Drawings are wrapped in tissue and sandwiched between 2 sheets of corflute or cardboard. 

All items are shipped with insurance and tracking via courier or Australia post.  

Estimated delivery time is 3-7 working days in Australia. 

Please open your package immediately and check for any breakages or damages during transit. 

How do I hang my original drawing? 

It will need to be framed first but the best place to hang an original drawing is on a wall, away from any heat source, not in direct sunlight. Away from areas of moisture or high humidity and away from ultra violet lights. 


What type of pens and materials do you use? 

Drawings are created in Unipin pigment liner pens. The paper is artist quality. High quality materials are used so the drawings will be around to treasure for years. 


Will you sell prints of the commissioned drawing? 

That depends on the subject matter. Naomi retains copyright on every artwork she produces and has the right to use your commissioned artwork to promote her business and produce reproductions in the form of prints, cards etc, of the artwork. She doesn't normally reproduce images of dogs, cats or horses. 


Can I make reproductions of the drawing or use the image for for personal or commercial use? 

No, when you commission an original piece of art, the physical artwork is yours to keep, but the copyright in the image will not transfer to you unless a different arrangement was agreed too. Therefore, only Naomi Veitch has the right to reproduce and use the image of the finished painting. Please contact Naomi Veitch for further details.  You may use the artwork for personal reasons (e.g. posting to Facebook, Instagram etc. you can tag @naomiveitchartist). 


If you would like a reproduction of the drawing for a family member etc. I offer prints in various sizes on archival quality paper, please enquire.


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