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Hand-Painted Murals

A mural is an artwork painted directly on a wall, they can also be painted onto boards in Naomi's studio that can be later installed on location. 

Murals can be painted for a number of reason

  • to make a wonderful space in a child's area

  • to brighten up a dull area

  • to distract children or the elderly

  • to put some colour in a dull space

Common places for murals to be painted are

  • pre-schools and early learning centres

  • schools

  • hospitals

  • childs bedrooms

  • nursing homes

  • dementia wings

  • business walls

  • public spaces

How to order a mural

It is very simple to commission a mural. Call or email Naomi to discuss your ideas.

Send any photographs you may have of the area with a description of your project, including the size of the wall and brief description of the space and your ideas for the artwork. 


  • Choose size of mural 

  • Choose subject matter

  • Contact Naomi to organise a free consultation 

  • Receive quote 

  • Pay a 50% deposit

  • Naomi will create a rough computer-generated design of the mural

  • Approve design

  • Confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.

  • Naomi starts painting the mural

  • Pay balance of invoice on completion 

Frequently asked questions.

What can you paint?

Naomi can paint most subjects and styles

How long does a mural artwork take to complete?  

That depends greatly on the complexity, size and current work load. Most mural are completed in 1-4 weeks. 

How much will it cost?  

Mural prices are based by size and complexity and height of the mural. Contact for an exact quote. See price guide below

When do I need to pay? 

A 50% deposit is required and 50% paid on completion. 

Is the mural graffiti proof?

No, however a graffiti clear can be painted over the artwork at an additional cost if required

What paint do you use?

Naomi uses Permaplastik, it is a 100% acrylic flat, non-reflective, water-based paint formulated especially for use in a wide range of architectural, scenic and decorative applications.

Do I need to prepare the wall?

If the wall is in poor condition the cracks will need to be fixed, holes filled and a primer and base coat applied.

For a new wall, a primer and base coat should be painted on the wall before the mural work begins. If it is an existing wall and the wall is in good condition, no preparation is required.

Can you prepare the wall?

Yes, Naomi can prepare the wall ready for painting for an additional cost.

Can you paint on boards that can then be installed on location?

Yes, Naomi can paint the murals on wooden exterior panels. This can be helpful when young children are in close proximity to the mural area, or the wall is in bad condition. Boards are 120x180cm and can be cut to size or mounted side by side. The boards are compressed hardwood and last outdoor for approx 20 years.

Can you travel to my location?

Yes, Naomi can travel to your location. Accommodation costs will be included in the quotation if required.


Price Guide

  • Basic $300 a mtr sq

  • Detailed $650 a mtr sq


  • add $50 a mtr sq. for rough surfaces

  • add $50 a mtr sq. for all ladder work

  • boards extra

  • minimum charge $1500

Price includes

  • paint

  • artist fee

  • design

  • general travel


Price does not include

  • council permits

  • machinery / equipment hire

  • graffiti clear

  • excessive prep work

  • excessive travel

  • accommodation


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