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Pet Sketches

Celebrate the cherished bond with your furry family members through exquisite pet sketches in pen and watercolour. These unique works of art capture the essence of your beloved animals, becoming treasured pieces in your home.

Each custom pet sketch beautifully captures the animal in an artistically rendered style. Naomi sketches on high-quality paper using contemporary pen drawing techniques, complemented by delicate watercolour washes. The end result is a stunning piece of art that, once framed, can be proudly displayed in your home or office.

These pet sketches make for unique and cherished gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime. Commission your custom pet portrait sketch today and create a lasting tribute to your beloved companion.

How to order a Sketch of your pet.

Commissioning a pen and watercolour sketch of your pet is a straightforward process. To get started, simply reach out to Naomi via email to discuss your ideas and the desired size for your custom art piece.

It's important to note that while a likeness will be achieved, these are sketches. If you are looking for an exact likeness and detailed representation, an oil painting might be more appropriate.


Provide the best images you have to achieve the most impressive pen and watercolour sketch of your beloved pet.

What is the process? 

  • Choose size of paper 4x6 or 6x8 inch

  • Choose head only or full body 

  • Send photos to Naomi via email

  • Receive invoice 

  • Pay a 50% non refundable deposit

  • Your animal sketch is produced! 

  • A photo of completed sketch is sent for approval

  • Adjustments can be made if needed

  • Pay balance of invoice

  • Sketch is shipped to you 

"Honestly that is so amazing it has brought tears to my eyes" ...Mick M

Frequently asked questions.

Do you work from photos or real life?

Naomi works from photographs

Can you use pets from different photos and combine them into one sketch?

Yes, this is how it is usually done.  It is very hard to get the animals to co-operate and sit nicely together in real life. 

Especially when you are trying to get a photo of them. 

How long does a commissioned artwork take to make?  

That depends greatly on current work load, commissions do take highest priority. Most commissioned pet sketches are completed in 1-2 weeks.  


Do I get to see the sketch before delivery?  

Yes, the artwork will be photographed and emailed for approval prior to delivery.  


How much will it cost?  

Pet sketches are available in a number of different sizes, so please view the price list for options.

When do I need to pay? 

A 50% deposit is required to start the sketch and 50% on completion. Sketches must be paid in total before they will be delivered.

How much does delivery cost? 

Naomi offers FREE DELIVERY Australia wide. 

International delivery is available, please contact Naomi for a quote.

Do I need to frame the sketch? 

Yes, they do require framing behind glass or perspex. They are drawn on standard size paper, so you could purchase a premade frame. Alternatively your local picture framer can custom frame the drawing for a professional finish.


Do I get to see the commissioned drawing before delivery? 

Yes, Naomi will email a photo of the finished sketch for approval and any minor adjustment can be made. 

How is the drawing sent? 

Drawings are wrapped in tissue and sandwiched between 2 sheets of corflute or cardboard. 

All items are shipped with insurance and tracking via courier or Australia post.  

Estimated delivery time is 3-7 working days in Australia. 

Please open your package immediately and check for any  damages during transit. 


What type of pens and materials do you use? 

Drawings are created in pigment liner , gel pens and watercolour paint and pencils. The paper is artist quality. High quality materials are used so the sketch will be around to treasure for years. 


Can I make reproductions of the drawing or use the image for for personal or commercial use? 

No, when you commission an original piece of art, the physical artwork is yours to keep, but the copyright in the image will not transfer to you unless a different arrangement was agreed too. Therefore, only Naomi Veitch has the right to reproduce and use the image of the finished artwork. Please contact Naomi Veitch for further details.  You may use the artwork for personal reasons (e.g. posting to Facebook, Instagram etc. you can tag @NaomiVeitchArtist). 


If you would like a reproduction of the drawing for a family member etc. I offer prints in various sizes on archival quality paper, please enquire.


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