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The photos below would all make great paintings  

Happy Dog pet painting reference photo
pet painting reference photo
dog painting reference photo
pet painting reference photo
dog painting reference photo

Photo Tips

If you are purchasing the painting as a gift for a friend or family member, or if your pet has sadly passed away and you have limited photos. Send the photos you do have and Naomi will see what she can do. 


Some things to consider when searching through existing photos or when taking new photographs of your pet that can be used as reference for the painting.  


Try to get as many of the follow points in the photo as possible: 


  • Relax, your pet can sense your stress, take your time it may take a few days to capture the perfect photo. Sometimes treats or making funny noises can help get your pets attention for those few important seconds. 

  • Clear and in focus photos. No blurry photos, if Naomi can't see the animal's details, she can't paint them. Get down to their eye level, you may need to lay on the floor or place them on a table.


  • Natural lighting No flash please, photograph either outside or by a window indoors. 

  • Fill the entire frame with your pet. If you are wanting a full body painting you will need to supply a photo with the entire body showing. If you just want the head painted a cropped photo will be fine. 

  • Focus on eyes and expressions. Eyes make the painting, open eyes looking at the camera usually look the best. Try and get them in their "usual look" but funny ones can be great too at times. 



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